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Physiotherapy can be an integral part of a patient's recovery. Our physiotherapists are experts in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions


Conditions Treated: 

  • acute injuries

  • chronic pain

  • arthritis 

  • concussions

  • vestibular disorders

  • overuse, repetitive strain injuries

  • pre and post operative surgical rehab

  • postural and muscle imbalances 

What to expect:

The initial assessment will include a thorough evaluation to develop an individualized treatment plan and targeted exercise program. Subsequent treatment sessions will include various therapeutic techniques with a heavy focus on manual therapy. Some of the modalities available to help alleviate pain, restore mobility and function are Gameready, Interferential current and TENS, therapeutic ultrasound. A specific exercise prescription to your needs will also be created.

Patients will be educated about injury prevention, proper body mechanics, and rehabilitation to expedite recovery, enhance long term function and minimize the risk of recurrence. 

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