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In the practise of medicine, it is often said that "kids are NOT just little adults". And there is good reason for this phrase.

Commonly, adults injure tendons and ligaments. As children are still growing, their growth plates are still open and at risk of injury. These growth plates are the weakest link in the kinetic chain and are often the first area to be compromised. When it comes to sports injuries in the pediatric population, your treating physician should be very comfortable and aware of the unique problems in children. At Eardley Sports & Regenerative Medicine, we have the expertise to treat these conditions.

AllS injury1.png

Growth Plate Injury in the Hip

15 year old male soccer player with 2 months of right hip pain. He described difficulty raising his right leg against any resistance and was unable to kick a ball with any power.

Left image - Ultrasound of the right and left AIIS (anterior inferior iliac spine) - a growth plate in the hip. The left AIIS is normal but the right AIIS show an irregular growth plate (white) with darker areas to suggest tearing

Right image- various growth plates in the hip

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